I’m a professional.  I return phone calls promptly, and I communicate clearly. I do my homework. I have experience, which has given me opinions and idea. I offer real guidance. I know that if you’ve hired me, it’s to do a job not simply post a sign in your yard.

I don’t list every property that comes my way.  I know my buyers quite well, and I know what they’re looking for. I list properties that I feel fit my buyers’ criteria. This “hand picking” allows me to focus all my energy and resources on a select group of properties and make successful matches between buyers and sellers.

GDMRE has the best real estate website anywhere.  Over 90% of the people who visit garydimauro.com end up bookmarking it as a favorite. On average, our statistics show that we have 11,000 unique visitors each month and over 260,000 hits a day, and those numbers have been growing steadily.

I believe in the power of good design.  A sophisticated image attracts sophisticated buyers. All of my and GDMRE’s marketing and advertising is designed to reflect well on your property and get the most attention possible.

I’m not a stereotypical broker.  No one should have to work with pushy, annoying agents who are only looking after their own interests. I’m sophisticated, honest, energetic, and experienced professional. Working hard for your interests is in my best interests. In fact, most of my new clients have come to me by referrals from past clients who actually enjoyed and valued their partnership with me.

So, if you’re thinking about selling your home, get in touch with me, and together let’s consider the possibilities.